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Is it illegal to access someones facebook account when they gave you the password and you are only snooping, not posting?

Dallas, TX |

My ex boyfriend gave me his password to access his facebook account. I have found out through this that he his doing some very illegal things. If I went to someone with this information, would I be in trouble for accessing his account?

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When did he give you the password? If he gave it to you now, then you're okay. If he gave it to you while he was still your boyfriend, you probably committed a federal offense by accessing his Facebook account. You were exceeding your authorization to use the password.


In addition to Attorney Holmes' comment, I just want to add that websites like Facebook keep logs of login times and IP addresses. It is possible for a prosecutor or other attorney involved in an action to acquire those logs and correlate them to the location/account of the unauthorized logins.

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