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Is it illegal fro a non family member to place a headstone on a grave plot they don't own?!

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me and my siblings and grandmother wanted a specific headstone for my mother that recently passed and a non family member wants to place a headstone we don't even want on her grave! isn't it illegal for someone to do that?! it's not fair, we had other wishes for our mom's headstone and now they're being ruined!

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I would think that the cemetary has restrictons on who has the right to put a headstone on a grave, and it would be limited to the owner. Check your written sales documents with the cemetary for the plot.

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There are specific laws regarding who can place a headstone on a grave. Health and Safety Code Section 7100 states that the next of kin has the authority to deal with headstones. First in line are you and your siblings, then your grandmother. The non-family member has not authority to place a headstone.