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Is it illegal for someone to spend money out of a deceased persons account if they are not on the account?

Morganton, NC |

My father passed away and my uncle and fathers care giver took his personal belongings. I have been made admin of estate and am wondering what I should do if they have taken money or what can be done?

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You need the advice of a local probate attorney. I'll also repost this to probate forum.

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I am assuming that by your statement "you have been made admin of the estate" that you have opened an estate file with the Court and you have been formally appointed with the appropriate documents reflecting this. If this is the case, then there are specific Court procedures that you as the administrator can commence to compel the return of assets. I would not wait to speak to an estate attorney, I would call one immediately. If your uncle has taken money that you know belongs to the Estate then by waiting you run the added risk that there will be no assets remaining to be returned. I would suggest getting legal assistance soon.

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