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Is it Illegal to take a forged car title(knowingly) and register the car in another state in your name?

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I got in a fight with my Baby's father and left him. I left a lot of stuff there, including my car and the title. He had the keys and refused to give them to me. So I just left it there for a while cause the tags were dead anyway. Later, I get calls from the girl demanding I put the car in her name. I told her that I WOULD NOT EVER sign the title and if she put it in her name, I would have her arrested. I thought nothing of it cause I figured she didn't want to get in trouble. Then I saw my car with West Virginia tags (I'm from Va), come to find out this girl registered it in her name with out my permission, AT ALL. I don't want who signed it to get in trouble, only her(his mom will say she signed it so she won't get in trouble and I don't want her in trouble.

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What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Simply getting your car back, getting someone "in trouble" or both? Forging a signature on a vehicle title (or other legal document) is a crime. It appears that the car must be registered (in WV) - how long did you leave it? It isn't clear what rights you may have without knowing all the facts. You may want to consult an attorney before doing or saying anything else about this matter. Good luck.

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Forging the title is a crime. Registering the vehicle with a forged title is also a crime. However, there are other ways to get a title if the vehicle has been abandoned. Contact Virginia DMV to find out how your car's title changed hands before assuming or doing anything.

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