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Is it fraud when an abuser gets food stamp under names other than his but won't share to feed his own child when leaving abuser?

Fife, WA |

The abuser only received a higher amount in food stamp because he put my name, his son, and another child's name down that no longer lives there with him. And he held on to the food card and lied how much he was actually getting. I have tried being fair with him in feeding his own child since he did apply with his son's name but refuses to share any of it even though he stole all my money in savings that happen to be in a joint account. Wanted him to at least still feed his own child since he stole my money behind my back only because I've been giving him an ultimatum to start changing and not letting it go any longer & demanded an answer this time or he will know how it is to be a single dad. But never thought that he would go as far as starving his own biological son for control over us

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Hopefully you are exaggerating and your children aren't actually starving. You'll need to contact DSHS and apply for public assistance and get their assistance in sorting this out. You'll need to carefully explain that you are trying to escape an abusive partner, he is receiving benefits he doesn't qualify for. DSHS may decide to get some of the benefits back from the biological father. There are also issues of child support since the biological father still has parental obligation to support his biological child. You may end up needing a family law issues as well such as domestic protections orders, parenting plans and child support payments.


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