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Is it Florida law that a tenant must pay the first $100 on any repair?

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I have reported a leaky disposal to my landlord's property manager. I am being told that a disposal is considered a luxury item & if it cannot be repaired, the landlord can decide not to replace it. I am also being told that I am responsible for the first $100 of any repair on any appliance other than AC, refrigerator & stove. I don't have an argument, as that was stipulated in our original lease (I'd never run into that before, but we needed the rental, so we signed). But the manager is telling me that it is actually Florida law to make a tenant responsible for this "deductible". Is that true? Again, I am not arguing the main point because that's in our lease. I'm just very curious to know if that is an actual law. If not, is it legal for the landlord to insert that in our lease

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There isn't a Florida Law that requires a tenant to pay the first $100 of a repair. Your lease agreement with the landlord will dictate which party pays for costs and for what repairs.

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THe answer lies strictly in your lease agreement/contract. If the tenant is required to cover the first $100.00 it should say so in the contract. Otherwise, Florida Statutes will govern. Have a qualified attorney review your contract to advice. Good luck


Well, it is in your lease and so that makes it so. However, there is no law in Florida Statutes that requires the tenant to carry that burden.

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