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Is it easy to get 50 50 custody chance when doing child support case? What related relief mean?

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Child father don't want to pay child support so he looking for custody . Can i use where out therapist said he is dangerous and where our case worker states he isn't in the right mind to care for out child ? Will Sworn statements from both hold up in court ? Will he get out of child support if he is granted joint custody? i have screen shot texts where is sending mean and nasty texts that's not pertaining to our child, if i say he can have every other holiday and a full weekend a month will that be taken into consideration ?

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Sworn statements are not admissible in court. What you need is an attorney. We cannot tell you much from what you have written. It is not easy to get 50/50 time sharing under these circumstances, but you have to present your case right.

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would document from the case hold up in court ? he want to get out of child support anyway he can .


I agree. We can't give you the exact outcome here. One thing to understand is that the court uses child support guidelines to determine child support; both parties having 50% of the overnights with the child(ren) isn't the only factor. Mediation is your first step before you are in front of a judge. You should get an attorney whom can guide you through this process. Good luck.