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Is it discrimination or retaliation?

Tupelo, MS |

I got hurt at work. My employer tried to refuse WC benefits until I contacted our district HR manager. I was out for 2.5 months. I could of returned to work 3 weeks earlier. A job was created for a female temp. She was unable to do the heavy lifting. They refused to give me a light duty job. Can this be considered discrimination or retaliation. Also the day I returned I found out that a supervisor job came available and was not filled yet. They offered it to several coworkers but through their own screw ups they lost it. I was never offered the job. I had experience and the knowledge to do the job. Would this not also be considered discrimination or retaliation?

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Possibly. In order to say for sure, there needs to be a more thorough discussion of the specific facts in your case. For example, what is your status now? How is it different than before you were hurt? Why did they not choose your for the promotion? Because of your age, sex, race, religion, or national origin? I suggest you discuss these facts with an attorney to see if there might be anything that would constitute discrimination in your case. Good Luck!

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