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Is it defamation / libel / perjury if I respond in writing to landlord letter and state the bad words he told me over the phone

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Is it defamation / libel / perjury if I respond in writing to landlord letter and state the bad and nasty words he told me over the phone.. what If landlord denies that he said those bad words and accuses me of fabricating. but I have a family member as witness..

what if I state in the response letter to landlord that I contacted the previous tenant and that they had the same problems as I am having with landlord now. And state in letter what landlord said about tenant

what if I use statements like "I am disappointed with your service", or stating that he is "unprofessional and that this is not the way to communicate .." due to him stating the bad words over the phone.

So, three other people will be carbon copied the letter, one to the owner and two to city inspection..

please advise.

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If it is true than it is not defamation.

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Truth is an absolute defense. Then again it will be your word against his regarding what was said.

Good luck.

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If you are send the letter back to the person who said these things, it would not be defamation, which only applies to statements made to third parties. If you are cc'ing other people in on the conversation, I'd leave out his statements: they won't help you win. Saying you are "disappointed" or that he was "unprofessional" are statements of opinion and are likely not defamatory. The key in these situations is to try to take emotion out of it. If you do that, you probably won't get yourself in trouble.


Truth is a complete defense to defamation.

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