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Is it considered unauthorized practice of law if someone other than a Virginia licensed attorney sends a demand letter?

Richmond, VA |

If someone works under the direction of a Virginia licensed attorney and sends out a demand letter, but is not signed by the VA licensed attorney but signed by the one working under that attorney, is it still unauthorized?

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The answer depends on what representation is being made in the letter. The fact that is it not signed by a Virginia lawyer would not necessarily make the demand letter "authorized" or "unauthorized"

Either the client authorized the demand or he didn't . It doesn't matter who signed the letter.

If the client authorized that the demand be made and no misrepresentation is made in the letter then likely nothing is wrong with the letter.

My caveat of course is that I don't know all the facts and have not seen the letter.

Good luck

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Yes the client did authorize the letter. The only representation made is that the office, rather than the individual attorney, represents the client.

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