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Is it common to have a deposition just for child support?

Portland, OR |

My lawyer wants to do a deposition just for child support. I think that is excessive and my lawyer is horrible. He said that is my ex is lying about his income he can look at his financial records and then see if it matches his deposition.

Is this common practice??

William B Fortner: To answer your question: He suggesterd we have a depostion and then he told me he wanted to give me some homework. He wanted me to write down the question he should ask my daughters father. I know he is horrible lawyer but I gave him every penny I have and I am sooooooo screwed.

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You get the records first and then do the deposition if you have issues with what is provided. If your lawyer wants to do the deposition first I have serious questions about his conduct of the case. Typically you can only do a deposition one time. There is such a thing as running up fees by lawyers. If your ex is self employed it can be difficult to determine if he is hiding income. What else has he done to make you think he is horrible?


A deposition can be an excellent way to get a person's story set in stone, and to show them how uncomfortable the process of being cross-examined can be.

Depositions are a very common discovery tool.

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