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Is it common to get drug tested at your first probation meeting for misdemeanor DUI in Fulton Co. Ga?

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My friend got a DUI in Oct. last year and got the normal sentencing: 40 hours community service, Risk Reduction class, Drug and Alcohol Evaluation, 12 Months probation. Once he completes everything and finishes paying off the fines he will be placed on non reporting probation. All he has left to do is the drug and alcohol evaluation. He is meeting his P.O. officer tomorrow for the first time and will be paying the complete fine. My questions is: what is the probability he will be drug tested at this first meeting with the probation officer? and what will happen if he they do test him and he fails? He went to court and was placed on probation two weeks before this first meeting. Thanks in advance for your help.

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His sentencing order known in Georgia as "Final Disposition", will set out the terms of probation. They are specific and numerous. These conditions often include a provision for "random drug screens". I would obtain a copy which should be available through the clerk of the court where he was sentenced. If he fails... he could be arrested, held WITHOUT BAIL and face a hearing where his probated sentence could be revoked in part or entirely! He shold be seeking the advice of a very experienced criminal defense lawyer. look for one in the Atlanta area on this site with "superb" rating immediately. Do not wait until he is arrested. The attorney may be able to give advice that will assist in getting the meeting delayed...wink,wink!


The answer to your question is - pretty likely. If your friend knows he will likely test positive, he needs to talk with an attorney before the meeting. Please let me know if I can be of further help.


M. Jason Rhoades


Yes, it is common to have a drug test on the first meeting. I agree that if your friend doesn't expect to pass, he needs to contact an attorney before he goes to probation.