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Is it against the law for a stepmother to give her breast milk into a cup to her 7yr old stepson

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she abuses her stepchildren and neglects them and gives the youngest some of her breast milk in a cup and says it will make him smart and she has convinced him that she has given birth to him vaginally and allows her biological son to physically abuse her stepchildren. they have a mother that sees them every other weekend. bitter stepmother revenge against bio mother

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This sounds like a situation that needs to really be examined. There are lots of questions regarding this query. First, while giving him breast milk may not be against the law, it, combined with any continual fabrications of his birth, may be a sign of a troubled situation. Nevertheless, why is the boy's biological mother limited to every other weekend? Is there a reason that the father has more custody of the boy? Sadly, family law cases are often emotionally charged, which sometimes leads to anger, misunderstanding and a world of hurt. Without more information, this situation may be too volatile for an attorney to address. One more question: Are you (the person asking the question) a party in the case? If you aren't, you may want to recommend the actual party on whose side you are on seek the advice of an attorney.

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iam a concerned family realitive of the 7yr old. and the mother only sees her children everyother weekend due to she does not have her own residence and no job at the moment so her and the father agreed that their 4 children stay with him until she has a place of her own and can finacially support the kids, but father is aware of his children beign abused by his wife and neglect fromhis wife and himself , thats why the bio mother is trying to get her kids back,she stays with a realitive at the moment


If you believe there is an abusive situation for the children, you should immediately report this to the department of child and family services to investigate.

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I am in agreement and if the physical abuse leaves marks or injuries Childrens Services should be notified

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