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Is it advisable to attend a EEOC mediation for age and disability discrimination?

Plantation, FL |

I filed a charge against a large corporation for age and disability discrimination .I should have returned to my job 6 months ago.I have a permanent disability of 5% with restrictions.
I was finally offered a demotion at 60--65% pay cut in October.
At the last moment that position was not available to me.
I had a meeting this week with a company representitve.I told them I did not need any accommodation. I was told that I should be working soon in my prior position.
I have not retained an attorney .
Thank You

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It is usually worth attending an EEOC mediation but it is advisable to have an attorney present with you, or at least consult with an attorney before attending. The benefit to mediation is that there is a chance you can resolve the case if the employer offers you something that you deem to be acceptable. If you feel the employer's offer is insufficient, you are not obligated to accept the offer of settlement. Therefore, there is usually no risk to attend. You may also learn what reasons the employer has for the actions they took against you which is important to know to help you evaluate the strength or weakness of your case. You should be careful, however, not to make any admissions about your case when the employer is present that may indicate any weaknesses in your case. You should only discuss the strong points of your case to encourage the employer meet your settlement demand. This is another reason why having an attorney present is helpful


If you were in Phoenix, I would say yes. However, you are in Florida, so you should contact a local employment attorney for advice about whether to mediate your EEOC charge. Different states and EEOC offices have pros and cons regarding the EEOC mediation process. An attorney who practices employment law in your area will be the best person to answer your question and to advise you about what you should be disclosing to your employer regarding your disability. Good luck.