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Is it a tax fraud marking company as final with the IRS and still have the company active and pursuing business?

Miami, FL |

my business partner marked the LLC as final with the IRS for the 2012 tax year. At the same time she paid the Florida department of state late fee, which keeps the company active. without being aware of it she encouraged commerce of our products online which we are actively pursuing
She just remembered the other day that she marked the company as final and informed the other two partners.
Now we need to pay the Florida annual report tax and considering that the company is marked as final what are the choices?
Thank you very much for your answers.

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Assume you are referring to a corporate or partnership return? Or payroll taxes? It is possible to reopen...consult your tax advisor, CPA for details.

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You need to correct this situation. If you filed a form 1065 and marked it final, amend the return and correct your mistake. A local CPA can help you do this.

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