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Is it a good or bad idea to expose attorney malpractice & executor corruption to the media prior to suing that attorney, etc.?

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As a beneficiary of an estate, I am inclined to write a press release how the estate attorney has been handling the case with a suspended license, hostilities towards me, how the state bar ignores my complaint and refuses to discuss the investigation with me, as well as how the executor is ignoring me for over a year and ignoring any fiduciary duties. Would this help or hurt my lawsuit(s) against them?

Thanks, and I do usually mark all as helpful and choose a best answer within just a few days.

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Rendering legal services with a suspended license is a crime and I would be very surprised if the state disciplinary authorities did not take such a situation very seriously. However, their proceedings are confidential and there is no reason for them to discuss their investigation with you while it is pending. Before you embark on what sounds like a a scorched-earth legal campaign, get legal advice from an attorney in your state who is knowledgable concerning estate litigation. That means sit down with a good estate litgator, go over the facts in detail, and be prepared to spend money for legal fees. If you proceed pro se you will be wasting your time. For what it's worth, my policy is never to go to the media with any case. It's liable to backfire, assuming your problems are of any interest to the press at all.

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You need to contact a local attorney to discuss this before you publish any details. First, there may be a defamation action leveled against you if you are wrong. Also, publishing facts, even if true, may lead to an interference with a contractual relationship claim. If the attorney is supsended, the State Bar should take immediate action for the unauthorized practice of law.