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Is it a feasible goal to go from a Zero Tolerance charge to Careless driving?

Big Rapids, MI |

I have an excellent record, no previous criminal infractions, excellent in school, attend a university, and work part time as well. Does your background make a difference in your case, and if so, is it possible for someone with a background like mine to get a lesser charge?

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Maybe. You need a good lawyer to negotiate.


To the extent that anything is possible, yes. Most situations are dependent on many more variables than just the background of the defendant however. You should do yourself a favor and retain a local criminal defense attorney, or another criminal defense attorney who practices frequently in your court.

Best of Luck.

An Attorney-Client relationship has not been established. Becket J. Jones is not your attorney. In order to protect your interests, you should engage with and retain a competent criminal defense attorney who practices often in the court you are scheduled to be in front of if you have been (or believe you will be) charged with a crime in the State of Michigan.


That depends almost entirely on who is prosecuting the case. In most instances, the prosecutor would not be willing to make that charge reduction. There are some who would consider such a settlement, however. Without knowing who your prosecutor is, it is very difficult to say.


Other than your driving record & lack of other criminal history, your background plays little part in a prosecutor's offer or acceptance of a plea bargain in your particular case. You need a well qualified lawyer to represent your interests and explore all potential alternatives with you. Zero tolerance is rarely bargained out to a civil infraction like careless driving--a really good attorney may, ultimately obtain such an offer but he/she must have a few facts on his/her side that typically have nothing to do with your character. This is a serious matter that requires the serious attention of experienced legal counsel.


Excellent answers all the way around. You need a criminal defense lawyer to advocate for you. The facts of the case make a difference. The prosecutor makes a difference. Your lawyer's reputation will help. Let a professional handle your case. good Luck!

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