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Is it a breach of confidence if a law firm shares information with me about the "other party" via email?

Milwaukee, WI |

I asked to make an appointment with a law firm and was told that they could not take the case due to the "other party" had already attempted to file a case against me. They actually listed the exact strategy the "other party" was attempting to use against me. In the email, they named the client, attorney and strategy. I had actually spoken with the firm's primary partner last August about the "other party". I would like clarity on whether the firm should be able to take the case after I contacted them first in August, and then if there is a breach of confidence.

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I don't fully understand your question, but yes, it would be a breach of confidentiality to send opposing counsel information about you, if that information was gained in a confidential lawyer-client setting. As to the rest of your question, I don't fully understand what you are describing, so you may want to clarify.

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