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Is it consensual sex if a guy who has bipolar tells a girl to perform sex acts on him when she is manic. she does the act.

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

he said he was manic.
i dont know if he was or not.
if he was, is it consensual, if he wasnt manic is it consensual
both are over 18
he also kept asking if i was still in that mood before he asked
it went on for a few weeks

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Attorney answers 3


It was consentual.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq., 386-337-8239


Sounds consensual to me.


Based upon the limited facts, it appears consensual. However, please go talk to a counselor, doctor or potentially the sheriff's office. While your facts as recited probably do not rise to the level of a crime, if you feel like your were violated, I would not want you to not address it just because we suggested it was consensual and I know my colleagues feel the same way.