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Is is contempt of court is my husband is refusing to give me an updated check stub that shows he is making more that min wage?

Little Rock, AR |

Divorce decree states husband will pay child support based on minimum wage becasue he did not have a job. The state brought a case against him and he was forced to start paying child support or go to jail. He began paying and now months later he has a good paying job but refuses to notify child support agency or provide me a copy of his recent check stub. What are my options?
Also, he is claiming he will be getting disability check and benefits soon but he is not going to tell military about our son. What option do I have on that?

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He is not in contempt for refusing to give you an updated pay stub unless, in the Court order, it says he has to. If you know that he earns substantially more now, you could take him back to Court and ask that they recalculate child support based on his current income. The Court, or your lawyer if you are represented, would ask him for a current pay stub. As for him providing fraudulent information to the government with regards to the disability, this would be a complete different matter.

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