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Is internet auction fraud a federal or state punishable offense ?

Baltimore, MD |

I bought some items on Ebay worth $200 . I paid with Paypal but never got my items.

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Paypal has a dispute resolution function, use that. You should get your money refunded, and the seller may have their account suspended. As for your question, its both fraud in the state of Maryland as well as internet fraud, but proving it can be difficult, so dispute resolution is better.

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Begin your attempt at resolution within EBay and PayPal. If it is not resolved, report it to the local police. The feds usually look at only the larger issues.

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i tried to resolve with Ebay but Their Buyers Protection is only valid within 45 days of the auctions close. I found about 5 others who bought items totaling over $1000. Does the value affect whether it's state or federal ?

Barry Franklin Poulson

Barry Franklin Poulson


Just see a lawyer and quit worrying about jurisdiction. The feds are looking for Jimmy Hoffa. If there are criminal charges to be brought, your attorney can advise you as to the report.

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