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Is H1B amendment with USCIS necessary or just a new LCA for new location is enough?

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I was working for client A on OPT and during that my employer applied H1B for client A which got approved from october 1. Now Project at client A is getting over and I already have another project for client B but in different state. Employer saying they need to file H1B amendment which from my research uscis consider it no different then H1B application. I have read in some forums where only new LCA was filed.

Do i really need to file amendment with USCIS or just new LCA is enough? I am just scared of USCIS and worried that amendment may get deny and I will be out of status. Your advice is appreciated for my sleepless nights.

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Yes, your employer should file an amendment.

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Anu Gupta

Anu Gupta


b/w- moving to a different state is certainly a "material change".


Ask the employer's attorney. They should know.

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I don't believe it matters whether you suggest one way or the other. The company's attorney will advise the company how to proceed in this case.

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