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Is going through Child Support Enforcement in IL(Chicago) the only option to help someone collect child support?

Chicago, IL |

Divorced in 1/2009. My ex is supposed to be paying almost $600 every 2 weeks...I received 2 child support checks in 2009 and nothing since then. I haven't figured out the exact amount of $ he is behind in child support but the last time I did calculate it, it was over $50K. He moved out of the state 2 years ago and I know that he is in Ohio. I do know the city he is in but not the exact address. He is co-habitating with someone and has all bank accounts, etc put in her name so that nothing ever shows that he makes or has $. Am I able to collect child support if everything is in the girl's name that he lives with? He is the one who is supporting that household. What other options do I have to collect child support. My kids are 10 and 17 now. I have sole custody.

I cannot afford private counsel.

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You need to hire private counsel who is experienced in collecting child support from out of state obligors. Child support enforecmeet just doesn't have the ability to handle the copmplex cases.



Thank you for your answer. I can't afford private counsel. Because of not getting child support and losing my job, I'm getting unemployment and I'm on public assistance unfortunately. Do I have any other options?

Judy A. Goldstein

Judy A. Goldstein


Contact your local legal aid office or perhaps the law clinic at a law school.


Hire an attorney.

I question how you know so much about his banking but don't even know his address.

Yes, you can go after the GF's assets to collect support (on these facts).

Again, hire an attorney.

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