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Is getting your bail amount reduced mean good things for your case/trials?

Bellingham, WA |

My fiance's Public Defender says he's thinking of reducing his bail amount from $100,000. I'm not sure what amount he wants to reduce it to, but does that mean anything good for the case/trials?

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The defense attorney can request a bail reduction, but the decision about whether or not to reduce the bail in a criminal case is up to the judge. Having the bail reduced can be great if the person can afford to post the new bail and then be released from jail while awaiting trial. Whether or not this means anything good for the merits of the case really depends on the particular facts of the case.


I agree with counsel. Getting your bail reduced is great if you can afford to post it. The decision to set bail is supposed to be based on the person's likelihood of appearing for future court dates as required and the person's danger to the community if out. In deciding these two things, the court takes into account the person's prior criminal history, prior FTA (fail to appear) history and the nature of the new offense charged, not necessarily the strength of the evidence of the case charged.

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Just to clarify a little so that you have a realistic idea of what may happen. Your fiance's lawyer is not going to actually reduce the bail. He is going to ask the judge to reduce the bail amount. So the lawyer can't know what the amount will be. The lawyer will ask the judge to reduce the bail to a particular amount. In requesting a certain amount of bail, the lawyer will likely talk about your fiance's ties to the community, the reasons for the reduced amount of bail, your fiance's financial status, his employment, and any other relevant factors such as medical issues, and the like. It is a good idea to write down every reason you/your fiance think your fiance should be out of custody. Be prepared to support your reasons with some kind of evidence if possible. For example, if you fiance has a medical condition, bring medical records. If your fiance needs to take care of his aging mother, have his mother come in, if possible. Otherwise, have someone come in who knows his mother and the care that your fiance provides. Also be prepared to ask for a specific amount of bail. It is not wise to say, just lower the bail judge. Good luck.


A judge can impose bail if the prosecutor demonstrates that (1) the defendant is a danger to the community or (2) the defendant is a flight risk. For example, if the defendant has an extensive criminal history or several warrants on his/her history, bail will most likely be imposed. A defense attorney can make a motion to reduce bail; however it is ultimately up to the discretion of the judge on whether or not to reduce bail. Bail generally relates to protecting the community and ensuring that a defendant will appear in court and is not relevant to the actual case.

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