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Is forcing a minor child to sign a document waiving their right to inheritance by non custodial parent illegal

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My father-in-law died and my ex requested that our dependent children attend the funeral. My ex is required to have supervised visitation because he hit our daughter and broke her eardrum. The children informed me that their father had them sign some legal papers and their uncle was a witness to what ever they signed. My ex husband violated the court order for supervised visitation and I need to know has he committed a crime if he had the children to sign away any inheritance that may have been left to them by their grandfather and if so can can my ex be forced to pay the money or be given whatever they signed away. Was this a legal act especially when he didn't have actual custody of the children

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Minors generally cannot enter legally binding contracts. Their signatures are essentially meaningless. However, this is a matter which you should immediately discuss with a family law attorney since it certainly appears that he is acting against the children's interests.

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