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Is for a US citizen to watch (simulated) child pornography outside the US legal?

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According to 18 USC 2251(c) and 2260 (a), "production" of child pornography with an intent to import it to the US territory is illegal. Does this imply you can produce child pornography outside the US as long as you do not import them? How about "consumption" of child pornography?

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Outside of the US you are subject to the laws of wherever you are physically located. The US would not have criminal jurisdiction if your activity has no impact in or regards to the US.

I would tread very carefully here, as in many foreign jurisdictions child pornographers, once revealed, are not always merely arrested. They are often taken out back and shot, sometimes by the "local" police and sometimes by local residents that care not to have such people around.

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Depends on the law of the country you're watching the porn in.


I have updated the practice area so you have hear from knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers.


I am ethically constrained from assisting you to violate a law. I am not licensed in any Country "outside the US"? BTW, is that the US of M or US of A?