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Is finding a job hard if a hosp. considers their patient a substance abuser & patient consents medical records be shared/sought?

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let's suppose a hospital may have considered a patient to be a substance abuser. If the patient disagrees with this, but is not made aware the hospital has determined this and signs consent for the hospital to share and receive their medical records, can this be detrimental to said patient allowing employers to access medical records even if patient disagrees with the diagnosis? This was not based on drug testing, can the patient take an independent drug test to refute the claim shortly after consent? Can consent be withdrawn, and if so, would it make a difference or is the damage done? I believe HIPPA has little power to protect confidentiality again once consent has been given, even if withdrawn afterward, correct? Would this affect patient getting accepted into college as well?

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There is no private right to sue under HIPAA.


I suppose that if you give someone access to unfavorable medical records you could be harmed. But, I do not see any lawsuit here.

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Yes you can withdraw your consent for anyone to receive records, or not give it to the potential employer to start with when you apply.