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Is filing a request for order FL-300 the same as ...?

Rialto, CA |

Is the FL-300 the form I use to file a motion to compel responses in form interrogatories in a divorce case and do I have to pay the fees?OR, will a notice/motion suffice and do I pay for this?

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All motions in family law cases are filed as Request for Orders FL-300. You have to file your points and authorities and your declaration. You will have to pay the filing fee to file the motion.


It is now called a Request For Orders and yes the FL-300 form is the one to use. Yes you must pay the fees to file this RFO unless you have a fee waiver. But if you have to pay fees, you can request this in your RFO. You must serve the other party and also file a proof of service.


You should also know that the fee for an RFO is generally substantially less than what you paid to file your Petition (or Response). So, although there is a fee involved (if you do not qualify for a fee waiver), it is somewhere in the $50-$80 range; not hundreds of dollars.

Best of luck.

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