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Is Facebook conducting illegal co-operations of identity theft?

Lake Charles, LA |

Facebook has so many people like me concerned over privacy concerns that the website is becoming an invasion of privacy ,and identity theft.
I had an account hacked a while back , and received a reply in an email from "The Facebook Team" when trying to regain access to my account.
They now want a copy of my government-issued photo ID.
They now want me to scan, and take a picture of me ID.
Who is receiving our information ,and who behind Facebook willing to steal once I hand over my identification?
Is this an illegal co-operation of identity theft ,and what can I do since I still have the emails of such questions to hand over my my personal information?

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Attorney answers 2


Nothing illegal posted above.
If you don't want to be on Facebook, no one requires you to do so.

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I'm sorry to say this to you but if you want access to Facebook these are the terms you have to agree to. If you don't agree with them you can delete the account.

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