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Is east los angeles and boyle heights a rent control area ? Does rent control apply to a single house in theses areas?

Los Angeles, CA |

my tenants have been there for over 1 year. i am interested in selling the property and i have a buyer that wants to buy the property all cash. they want to move into the property, they want the property vacant as a condition before buying.

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A single family residence would not be subject to the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

In order to evict the tenants, you need to serve them with a written 60 day notice of termination if they are a month to month tenant (and have been for more than 12 months). If they have an unexpired lease, the lease would survive the sale unless otherwise specified in the lease itself.

In short, unless you were able to give the tenants some cash in exchange for their agreement to move out upon close of your escrow (or sooner), you will not likely be able to accept this potential buyer's condition.

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East Los Angeles and Boyle Heights are within the City of Los Angeles. The City of Los Angeles Rent Stablization Ordinance (RSO) may still apply for one of two (2) reasons. First, the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) requires residential landlords to register every year and then apply for an exemption. The penalty for failure to do so, is application of the RSO to the otherwise exempt rental unit. The reason registration is important is that the LAHD has a program under which all rental units are inspected to ensure habitability of the rental units every three years.

Second, a single family dwelling is not exempt from the RSO, if a second rental unit exists on the same property.

Assuming the RSO applies, you would have to give adequate notice, 120 days, and pay substantial relocation fees. You can find more information at:

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