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Is disorderly conduct a misdemeanor?

Folsom, PA |

I was caught at 18 drinking underage but I was charged with disorderly conduct. I recently applied to a college and on the application it asked if I was ever charged with a misdemeanor or felony. I said I was not convicted of anything. I clearly know that it is not a felony however I also thought it was not a misdemeanor but after talking to a few people they told me it is. Please tell me I did not lie on my application.

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Normally disorderly conduct is a summary offense and charged by citation. There are some versions of disorderly conduct that are misdemeanors. The PA Unified judicial system has a website where you can retrieve docket sheets for magisterial district courts. Choose participant name under search by and choose the county where the DC was charged then run your name searching for nontraffic cases. If that produces no results then search criminal case.


Attorney Wagner has provided you with the means to definitively determine the grading of the offense. From the stated background, it seems most obvious that it is Disorderly Conduct graded as a summary offense. Provided that is true, the honest answer to any question about convictions for misdemeanors or felonies is "No." It's not entirely clear from your post as to whether the case to which you refer has been disposed of. Summary offenses in PA are eligible for expungement after the passage of five (5) years of clean living. An underage conviction is eligible for expungement upon reaching your 21st birthday. Either way the answer appears to be NO. Good luck with your schooling and hone your judgment skills. Unfortunately those are skills that typically develop later in life. This may be a "blessing in disguise" as my dear departed mother would say.


The disorderly conduct you were charged with is not a misdemeanor. You can have the charge expunged from your record after five years.


You almost certainly answered correctly. The charge was a summary offense.

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There is both a misdemeanor DC and a summary. You need to know what your criminal record actually is before you start applying for jobs and schools. See an attorney to obtain your record from the PA State Police and review it with you.

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