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Is DHS legally allowed to keep all their records from the parents?

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My nephew had been ill for 2 months with a horrible cough. His parents took him back and forth between the pediatrician and the hospital until they finally had to go out of the county to a different hospital where they said that he had a cracked rib and called DHS on abuse allegations. He had a second set of X-rays done and these supposedly showed two broken arms and four broken ribs. They took him, refused to show the father the x-rays. This baby uses his arms just fine and rolls around just fine always smiling and laughing, we are all dumbfounded at what to do.

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Hospitals in general have legal obligations to report suspected child abuse.
Once that happens each state has various rules on the investigation, and potential punishment of child abuse.
That can include removal of the child in emergency situations.
There are then procedures for investigation, further custody decisions.
Because of this it is best to immediately consult a lawyer familiar with th edd SE type of cases; both administrative actions with DHS/CPS, and criminal prosecutions. Do that now these are complex cases and you need more professional advice than the general information you can get through or similar sites.;; 703-298-9562, 800-401-1583. Answering your question does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Howard M Lewis

Howard M Lewis


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Howard M Lewis

Howard M Lewis


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Attorney Cave provided you with an outstanding answer, please follow his counsel. Take care.

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