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Is confidentiality breeched when therapist sends group text to multiple people?

New Rochelle, NY |

my 4 yr old daughter receives speech therapy from a center. everything is supposed to be confidential. her therapist sent a group text message to myself and 5 other parents ( where all our numbers were visible) stating she would be on vacation until next week and therapies would resume then. i am very upset that my info was shared and my daughter's confidentiality was broken. do i have any legal grounds for action?

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Maybe. The damages are very limited. It would have been a better practice to send the group an email without other people's information.

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That was just pure stupidity on the part of the therapist. You should complain in writing about this so it does not happen again, and ask the Center for whatever compensation you think is due you. A lawyer's letter should have great impact. However, be careful if you really like the therapist in terms of her relationship with your child because reporting this could get the therapist fired or transferred off you case. Unfortunately, you can't unring the bell but you can hopefully stop this from happening in the future.

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