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Is Class B Misdemeanor Attempted Assault down to 240.20 with 2 year and $120 a plead guilty charge? Any poss of more reduction?

Brooklyn, NY |

The defendant is going on 2nd court appearance. Her record is clean. The case has no medical record and no one was injured. How long will this type of case go on?

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Accepting this offer requires pleading guilty to Disorderly Conduct which is a violation but not a crime. Given no record and no injuries I would fight for an ACD which results in dismissal. It is hard to say how long any case may take but I just got an ACD in Brooklyn on the same situation. It took 3 appearances and I had to fight to get it by going over the Assistant DA's head to the Bureau Chief.

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The defendant would be pleading guilty to Disorderly conduct, which is a violation and not crime. Therefore, it will not give him a criminal record. The sentence is 2 years order of protection and a fine. Without any more information i cannot tell you if that is the best possible plea for the defendant. Hire or at the very least consult with a private attorney regarding the case.


Your question is a bit unclear. However you could plea down to a violation. See an attorney


A disorderly conduct is a violation and not a crime. A violation is the lowest type of plea you can receive. Without more facts I cannot determine how long it will take for the case to finish. You should conult with a criminal defense attorney.

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Yes, to a violation of Disorderly Conduct with a 2 year order of protection. A reduction could only be to a dismissal, really, perhaps in the form of an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal.

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What's seems to have happened here is the DA has agreed to dismiss the criminal charge if the defendant agrees to plead guilty to Disorderly Conduct (a violation of law, not a crime) and abide by a 2 year order of protection and pay the $120 court fee. This is a generally good deal since it involves no criminal conviction and no anger management/community service/etc. However, it may be possible to get a deal that's even better, like an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal. That would depend on the facts of the case and the skills of the defense attorney. Hire a good one.

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