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Is Child support in Washington State mandatory?

Orondo, WA |

I am disabled and cannot work yet the judge has set child support payments. I have no way of making money to make the payments. So every couple of months I get dragged back into court and the spouse gets a judgement for past due payments plus interest. Now they want to have another hearing and make me pay for the attorney fees because I am not paying child support that I cannot afford. My only income is state assistance. The child support set is more than I recieve.

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In Wa. state, both parents are required to financially support their children -- end of story. If the parents won't do it, who will?

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Counsel offers you good advice. If you are however ordered to pay more than you receive, you need to go back to court for a modification. You will have to help support your child.

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I agree with the previous answers. Parents are required to support their children and the minimum support level is $50 per month per child. If you are seeking to modify your child support obligation, you are required to petition the court for a modification or adjustment. Until the court changes the transfer amount, you are required to pay according to the child support order.

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