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Is child support given to wife after divorce has different guidelines than child support to other woman?

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I wanted a general idea of how the amount is calculated from the husbands income?Is it in proportion to child expenses or just a certain amount is deducted from the paycheck even if the child's expenses is less than it? Does the husband pay for part of the child expenses or full? Does the mother(other woman) contribute to the maintenance of the child?
I have heard 1/3rd of expenses are borne by the husband and other by other woman but i still hear women living off child support how is this possible?
please enlighten me about whether the existing kids and family are kept in mind so that they do not suffer financial strains.
I really want to know the reality of child support TO OTHER WOMEN. Is she able to make a profit out of it?

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Child support guidelines are based on number of children not on marital status. The combined income of the parents is assessed and percentage applied. Pro Tara shares of child care un reimbursed medical and education can also be ordered. If there is an additional suport order for non party children will also be considered and may result in a reduction.
Several factors will be considered. I am attaching two links which may help.
How this helpful and good luck.

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Child support is a formula based upon income and a set percentage based upon the number of children. The only deductions from income are for city tax actually paid and SS & medicare. The remaining amount is then multiplied by 17% for 1 child; 25% for 2, 29% for 3, 32% for 4 and 35% for 5 or more. The income cap is usually $136,000.

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