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Is car wash responsible for damage?

Roseville, MI |

I was at a car wash on Sunday and went thru. When the brushes got close to the car it took off the passengers side mirror. Employees that were working that day told me not to worry the manager would take care of it. Told me that they have cameras and seen it happen acknowledeged it was ther fault. Had me fill out a claim and said the manager would call me monday. The manager tried saying they are not responsible and tried offering me free car washes a compensation. Are the liable? I dont feel I should have to pay for it to be fixed when it was there fault and the employee working even said it! I have heard that they are supposed o push your mirrors in and they did not. PLEASE HELP! Should I try small claims court or get a lawyer?

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The car wash may be liable. You should consult an attorney to determine if you have a case. If you decide not to consult an attorney, you could write a letter to the company and explain the incident.

Regardless, you should find out the name of the person who witnessed the incident and obtain a copy of the video of the incident.

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