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Is calling your child a cross dresser considered emotional maltreatment?

Tell City, IN |

My daughter is a complete tom boy and she loves to wear basketball shorts and wife beaters. During her last visit her father and step mom decided to explain to her what a cross dresser was and then proceeded to ask her why she is a cross dresser. What can be done about this if anything?

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How old is your daughter? Is there any genuine basis for concern about your daughter's sense of sexual identification? Are transgender or sexual issues causing your daughter any actual problems in her life? Is your ex hypersensitive to these issues?
Unless this is causing problems for your daughter, it is not abuse.Your ex' education session may have been well meant, but ineptly handled; or, if you are relying on your daughter's report, it may not be accurate. A talk with your ex about this probably would not hurt if you are on speaking terms. You could hear his concerns and take it from there.
Can you deal with it simply by having a talk with your child about these questions and how people relate to them? It is an opportunity to talk with your daughter about sex and gender issues in general, and the range of social thinking about them.

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