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Is bouncing payroll checks illegal?

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my employer consitantly bounces mine as well as many employees payroll checks, I have attempted to find another job but they will not allow me to negotiate with them regarding my release since the only job opportunities are within my same field and they state they will persue a judgement against me regarding a non compete. I feel I don't have any options but was wondering if they are legally liable for the check bouncing. it has gone on for years and they stay afloat, in most cases we are issued a new check that bounces as well but they do cover all costs associated with this. What options do I have to get out of there or nulify the non compete completely? There are also issues of highly unethical business practices that may border illegal.

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I am guessing you are the same individual that has asked this question either identically or closely related on several occassions, I believe my previous answer was comprehensive. Yes, issusing worthless check is a crime and may also give you civil remedies. No, it will probably not void the non-compete clause or protect you from being sued. I am not sure what answer you are looking for in order to proceed. You didn't mention that you were owed back pay, but if this is the case you may be entitled to more. There is nothing you can do to stop them from trying enforce the non-compete provison, but you will probably win. There is no such thing as a "you can't sue me card." You have several oprions: 1:Take a new job in your area of expertise, risk getting sue, defend yourself and proaby win; 2) Stay with your current company; 3) Take a job that would not compete with your current employer.

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Robert Douglas Kane Jr


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