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Is attempted theft a felony in nj

South Amboy, NJ |
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Attempt in NJ is the same as actually doing the offense. The grading depends on the about in a theft charge. Under $200 is a Disorderly. Under $500 is a 4th degree crime. Over $500 is a 3rd degree crime. Burglary is normally 3rd degree, robbery is 2nd degree or first if violence or a weapon was unsed. If you are in Municipal Court it was drpped to a disorderly which is not a crime. (NJ does not have felonies we have crimes) If it is still in the Superior Court is is likely still a crime but a small chance it is not.


It may or may not be, depending on the subsection of the statute you were charged under. Do you have that information handy?


Yes. Any attemp charge is a felony offense because under nj law it is impossible to attempt a misdemeanor.

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