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Is ard considered adjudicated?

Carlisle, PA |

Years ago I took ARD for PA6312 section C. I have since had this expunged from my record successfully. Obviously ARD is not considered a conviction, is it considered adjudication pertaining to having to register for megans law?

Basically what I'm wondering is should I have, or would I need to register.

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I do not understand why you are mentioning Megan's Law unless you are now subject to it.


If you completed ARD, then the answer to your question is no. Successful completion of ARD results in a withdrawal of the charge. "Adjudication" as it is used on the registration statutes typically refers to the juvenile process; final judgments in trials of juvenile offenses are called adjudications rather than convictions.

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No. ARD is not an adjudication. The DA withdraws the charges.

Megan's law is not in the right ballpark for ARD consideration. Consult with a lawyer.


ARD is a form of adjudication. An adjudication refers to how a case was resolved. It includes guilty pleas, convictions at trial, withdraw or dismissal of charges, or completion of ARD. When it comes to SORNA and Megan's Law, only a conviction or a juvenile adjudication of delinquency triggers the requirement that one register as a sex offender.