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Is anything that can be done when mortgage company pays taxes late and late charges cause increase mortgage payment

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in late 2012 my mortgage was sold to another mortgage company, my mortgage included an escrow payment to cover my property taxes, assuming that my taxes would be paid by the new mortgage company considering they brought my mortgage and i had already paid the escrow, months later i received notice from the clerks office that the taxes needed to be paid, i contacted new mortgage company and was told to fax them a copy of the letter that i received which i did and assumed that the problem was taken care of, but months later i received another letter from the clerk with even more interest charges included, they finally paid the taxes and now plan to raise my mortgage payment 200.00 plus dollars in order to cover shortage, that would not exist if my taxes would have been paid on time

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Negligence on the part of the new mortgage holder who is required to pay real estate taxes is not your problem. Write them a letter disclaiming responsibility and that they are to pay such additional costs. If they refute same then hire a real estate lawyer to write a letter referring to the negligence and the specific terms of the mortgage instrument. Is not your fault....stand fast on this. If you cannot afford a lawyer if they insist on making you pay then seek out the attorney general in your office as they need to know about financial institutions abusing a consumer....lots of laws abound to protect you on stuff like this, good luck to you.

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