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Is an attorney serving as a Guardian Ad Litem in a parental rights termination allowed to represent the foster parent adopting?

Houston, TX |

My daughter has a mental illness and her rights were terminated to her baby. However, I filed an intervention before the baby was a month old. The attorney representing my grandchild never considered me. My grandchild was placed with the adoptive foster parent before my daughters rights were terminated. She was at the trial. I appealed my intervention. However, this same attorney changed hats and represented the foster mother in the adoption. It is confirmed by the court. Since he was still a party to the case during the appeal, it seems unethical that he pushed the adoption through with case pending. He is also an Associate Judge in this same court which I believe gave him some preference in this matter to interfere. I feel uneasy about what happen but can't afford an attorney.

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It all sounds fishy to me, too. Look up the Commission on Judicial Conduct or the Texas equivalent and write them a detailed letter. I can't guarantee you will get any satisfaction but it's probably your only recourse.

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