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Is an attorney needed for a criminal trespassing charge?

Oxford, MS |

I was arrested for criminal trespassing in a dormitory on a college campus. However, the security guard was with me from the time I arrived at the check-in desk until the time that I was arrested. I was also never asked to leave the property. Was this actually criminal trespassing and do I need an attorney if I’m taking this charge to trial?

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You should never represent yourself in a criminal matter no matter how small the crime. If you can't pay for a lawyer the Court will appoint one for you.


Yes, you need a lawyer - especially if there will be a trial.


A local experienced criminal defense attorney will know the answer to your question "Was this actually criminal trespassing?" and SO MUCH MORE which is why you absolutely need a lawyer. Your lawyer will know how to prepare the case for trial and how to make the most compelling arguments.

If you can't afford to hire a lawyer, the court will appoint one at no cost to you.