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Is a will open to the public like the rest of a person's estate information? Would it be available to another lawyer to read?

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My probate process hasn't ended yet. I've made sure to go by the book so as to protect myself as executor. I'm not sure, but my brother could cause some trouble. Neither mom nor dad included my two brothers in their wills. A real tight family. The will was drafted 25 years ago. The lawyer who wrote it up is still around. I told my brother I would "give" him something, but I didn't say how much. There's a residuary clause and I'm the only one mentioned. ROW didn't do me any favors in contacting my brother as an "interested person". When I asked him to sign bond waiver, he said no, but yet now he'll probably expect half of balance of estate; after I finish with creditors & accounting,etc.. I guess my concern is my brother/lawyer contesting the will, arguing a caveat or being an heir.Problem!

I guess I just want to know if a will has any weight at all.

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Once a Will is filed with the Probate Court, it is an open record. Thus, your brother could review the Will at the Probate Court or hire an attorney to do so.

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We don't pick our family! The Will is part of the public record, open to inspection. And the burden on your brother is very high, if he chooses to file a caveat proceeding.


Yes, its an available record. Your brother is an interested party so he is entitled to notice even though not named in the will (that's the law in almost every state). Does the will have weight? Of course, that's why you have one. Can he contest it anyway? Of course, but doesn't mean he has a leg to stand on. You should be represented by counsel if you expect an issue.

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