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Is a wife responsible for her husband's credit card debt when her name does not appear on his credit cards?

Tucson, AZ |

My husband has quite a number of credit cards with only his name on them and they contain about 30,000.00 of debt. If he does not pay them, am I responsible for paying them?

Also, about 4 years ago, someone took out 3 credit cards in my name and put about 10,000.00 of debt on them. I do not want to sue them. Is there any way I can make them responsible for paying the debt? The person really does not have the money to pay the debt and either do I.

Also, in Texas, can a person do their own bankruptcy, or do they need to hire a lawyer?

a card was issued in my name, but company just sent letter saying I was now taken off the account

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If you have not signed or agreed to be responsible or used the cards, you would not be legally obligated to pay accounts in someone else's naem. However, if you knew someone had obtained accounts in your name and said nothing for 4 years, while those cards were being used and bills run up, a court might very well hold you responsible.

A person can always file their own bankruptcy, however this is very much a BAD IDEA. Bankruptcy is a difficult thing to do properly, and you would have no way of knowing what the dangerous areas are.

Please note that I do not practice in your state and that the above is not intended as legal advice.

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