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Is a walk-in citizenship interview possible?

Flushing, NY |

My naturalization interview was scheduled for 10/29/12, however, due to Hurricane Sandy the USCIS offices in NYC have been closed. I really need to get my interview done as soon as possible so I can attend oath ceremony and get my passport because I am going on study aboard soon. I went to an infopass session and the officer said I can explain my situation ask to have the oath ceremony as soon as possible. But because of the unfortunate hurricane, I might have to be rescheduled. Should I or can I postpone the citizenship process till I get back from study aboard which is in May?

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No. Don't postpone. Walk-in to the district office where you interview was originally scheduled, ask to see a supervisor, explain your emergency and ask to be interviewed that same day.
Tell them you are flexible and willing to wait until called.

You'll get interviewed that same day. Just show that you are persistent and will not give up.

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Walk in is not possible.


It is unlikely that you will get a walk-in appointment, but you should go to your local USCIS office on the next day they are open. They will likely have information in the lobby for individuals whose interviews did not take place because the office was closed. Most likely, they will tell you that you will be getting a letter in the mail advising you of your re-scheduled interview date.