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Is a victim of domestic assult with injurys protected under the law with victims insurance

South Amboy, NJ |

on may 16 2011police responded to a domestic assult in progress.the victim has a fracture jaw and missing teeth from the assult. the offender was arrested with 35000.00bail. She has no insurance to pay for the medication nor the surgery to wire the jaw..

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If the abuser is convicted of the assault crime, there might be coverage from the victim's compensation board. If the victim files for and obtains a FRO, that statute provides for compensatory damages, which this likely falls under. The victim absolutely needs to speak with a dv attorney ASAP. If you would like additional information, feel free to email me.


Well, since it's only April 2011 now, I'd suggest staying in a motel on May 15, 2011 and avoid the whole situation!

Assuming, however, that you made a typo as to the date, I'd contact the Violent Crimes Victim Compensation Board -- ask the prosecutor for the details; they should have a liaison who can help you and guide you through the process.

You also could call your homeowners' insurance agent, but I'm not sure if they'd provide coverage or not. I know there's case law on whether an "intentional tort" (like assault) is covered by a homeowners' policy, but I'm not sure as to the state of the law on the issue. The key is to know that it IS an issue and you should look into it -- start with your agent.


I agree with my colleagues. I would also make the prosecutor aware of the medical costs so that this issue can be pursued as part of the disposition against the abuser. good luck.

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