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Is a typed up separation settlement legal?

Los Angeles, CA |

My husband typed up a list of all the things I will have to pay him back for after our divorce, and he aggressively forced me to sign and email it back to him. If this is presented in divorce court will it be taken in account?

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It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the divorce matter. You could rebute this as coercion or duress, though. I also don't know what he is asking for and what legal grounds he has. Most Pro Per's don'tunderstand community property and separate property laws and how all of this is divided so I suspect he has gotten it wrong. But, your susceptibilty make me question your skills at handling this on your own. You need to seek legal counsel to get feedback on this matter and representation. At least seek an attorney who can give you a free consultation on this.


If you contest the agreement, the court will hear evidence as to the circumstances under which the agreement is signed. The court also has the ability to determine whether the agreement is equitable.

Please note that I am answering this question as a service through Avvo but not as your attorney and no attorney-client relationship is established by this posting. An attorney-client relationship can only be established through signing a Fee Agreement and paying the necessary advanced fees.


What do you mean he "aggressively forced" you to sign it? I agree with counsel and recommend that you consult with an attorney. Best of luck.