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Is a teen mother considered a legal adult after the birth of her child

Spokane, WA |

My son and his girlfriend have a child, who is 4 months old, he is 19 she is 17. They want to move into an apartment of their own as her parents won't allow her to move out until she is 18. Is teen mom legally an adult due to giving birth to their son?

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In WA, merely having a child does not make a person a legal adult. In WA, a person becomes a legal adult upon turning 18, marriage, or being emancipated by the court. Marriage before 18 requires parental approval or court order.

Legally, the girlfriend is still a child until she meets one of the above conditions and is subject to the legal control of her parents.

Practically, the police is not going to do anything to a 17-year-old who leaves voluntarily her parents' house when there appears to be no immediate danger to the 17-year-old. Of course, unless the relationship with her parents is already terrible, alienating her parents is not a good idea for the 17-year-old.

Alienating your likely in-laws is also no a good idea for you or your son.

She likely needs all the good help she can get from her parents at this time.

You all should sit down and have a thoughtful discussion on what is best for everyone involved at this time.

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